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Irvine Mayor Donald P. Wagner won the seat of the old Congress member by 5% compared to Loretta Sanchez.

In October 2010, US Congress Member Anthony Weiner called to remove videos of Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki from the YouTube website.

In 1998, the US Congressman Scott Klug from the 2nd Region in Madison, the US Congress will be retired, asked to be a candidate to the chair.

In 2012, Simmons appeared along with the politician in various speech activities, the Ohio Congress Member has supported Dennis Kucinich’s re-election campaign.

Two years later, Nathan Lane has been chosen for a role in Charlie Lawrence, which is a state comedy about a first-class convention member from New Mexico.

The publisher Christopher Hagedorn used Bronx newspapers to attack the Bronx Democratic Congress of Eliot L. Engel, which was often selected in 1988.

Following the elections, Harris faced the Congressman and Democrat friend Loretta Sanchez in general elections.

In July 8, 1968, General Santos Municipality Congress Member James L. Chimegbian has been converted into the city with the approval of the Republic Act of 5412.

In 2010, Congress Member Diane Watson has retired from Congress and encouraged Bass to be a candidate to his chair.

Deanna Monroe, which has been revitalized by Feldshuh, is an old convention member and the Leader of Alexandria Safe Region, Aiden and Spencer Monroe’s mother and the wife of Reg.

Petri, Wisconsin Congressman Tom Petri and non-profit manager Anne D. Neal grew in Georgetown, Washington, DC and attended National Cathedral School.

In January 20, 2018, the Congressman Pat from Pennsylvania has used the taxpayer’s money to solve the sexual harassment case brought by an old staff member.

As a California Assembly Member, Ryan also presided the legislative sub-committee sessions and headed to the trials related to the Congressman Tom Lantos as the ultimate successor.

Donald Trump, then he chose the Congressman Tom Price as 23rd Secretary of Health and Human Services Department.

In January 10, 2008, the ancient Vice President candidate was released after the CLara Rojas and the Old Congress Member Consuelo González is approximately six years. .

1996 Congress Member Kweisi Mfume, the head of the Organization of the Organization of the Old President of the Democratic MPs in Maryland and Black Congress.

Since no South State is represented, several members of the Congress have suggested moral and religious arguments in favor of slavery.

Mudragada Padmanabham was four times the legislative council member, a one-time parliament member and the Telugu Design Party and the National Congress Governments in India.

The Sherman has also had a Member of William Jennings Bryan, Amongst Nebraska Congress Member Among the relevant removal of the purchasing law.

The city, which is an independent convention region, is represented by the Congress Member from the Nacionalista Partic in the Council of Philippine Representatives Santos-Recto.

St. Louis, Missouri and East St. Louis, Poplar Street Bridge connecting Illinois, 7 October 2013 in Congress Member William L. Clay Sr. Renamed as a bridge.

He started his political career in 1997 and spent a semester at the New York Congressman Chuck Schumer as an intern.

Warren was born in Cold Spring, Putnam County, New York and selected from Gouverneur Kemble, who owns a distinguished local Congress member, diplomat, industrialist and West Point Foundry.

In June 2020, Gaetz said that after a debate with Congress Member Cedric Richmond, Gaetz, Galbán was 19-year-old Cuban immigrant Nestor Galbán and he saw him as his son.

Josh is the first congressman is affected by the conviction when the first met with Matt Santos and he sees the same willingness to put their beliefs in front of the political interests as he did in the President Bartlet.

From Nevada, the Congressman Ruben Kihuen was charged with an old task in the Kihuen campaign, proposing him for dates and sex repeatedly.

Obey in 2005, Democrat Harold Ford is also remembered as a Congressman who intervened when the Republican Jean Schmidt is approached by the Republican Jean Schmidt.

While the First World War was out, Jeannette Rankin, which is the first woman in the United States of the United States, the United States voted against the war announcement of the US.

The New York Congress Member Eric has shown that the two guys who accuse themselves to be sexually abused.

The last black conventional member selected from the south in the 19th century was George Henry White from North Carolina, selected in 1896 and re-elected in 1898.

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