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In 2004, ten years after his previous novel, García Márquez published memory of my sad whores, a story of love charged with humor and irony. In 2007, the 40th anniversary of the publication of one hundred years of solitude was fulfilled.

/ … Then the wind began, warm, incipient, full of voices of the past, of murmurs of ancient geraniums, of sighs of disappointments prior to the most tenacious nostalgias. He did not notice it because at that moment he was discovering the first signs of his being, in a concupiscular grandfather who let himself be dragged by the frivolity through an hallucinated páramo, in search of a beautiful woman who he would not make happy . Aurelian recognized him, chased the hidden paths of his offspring, and found the moment of his own conception between the alacranes and the yellow butterflies of a twilight bath, where a menestral squeezed the lust of him with a woman who is He delivered for rebellion. He was so absorbed, that he did not feel the second attack of the wind either, whose cyclonic power ripped off the doors and windows, declined the roof of the eastern gallery and uprooted the foundations. Only then did he discover that Amaranta Úrsula was not her sister, but her aunt, and that Francis Drake had assaulted Riohacha only so that they could be sought by the most intricate labyrinths of blood, until engendering the mythological animal that had to end the lineage. Macondo was already a dreadful swirl of dust and debris centrifuged by the biblical hurricane anger, when Aureliano jumped eleven pages so as not to waste time on events too well, and began to decipher the moment he was living, deciphering it as he lived it, prophesying himself in the act of deciphering the last page of the scrolls, as if he were seeing in a spoken mirror … / a hundred years of solitude Gabriel García Márquez

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Agatha Ruiz de la Prada begins the professional career of her, in Madrid, where she opens her store she studied her on Marqués de Riscal Street. In 1981 she presents the first collection of her in local, emblematic design center, from the Madrid movement. From then on she agatha she will participate in a multitude of exhibitions in art galleries of the capital. In 1986 she performs the first parade of her in France and a year later she will participate in the exhibition Homage to Balenciaga at the San Telmo de San Sebastian Museum. In 1988 she is presented, for the first time, in Cibeles catwalk in Madrid and at the Fashion Fair of Milan. In 1990, she paraded the series of her uninacked costumes in Berlin and Madrid, and presents a collection of agatho kimonos in Osaka.

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