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I am a support teacher appointed by the head teacher in a regional II grade school, I have a contract up to the date of the ballots, the pupil I am following is in the fifth year and has differentiated support. According to the provisions of the Miur, will you be admitted to the final exam, in this case will my contract be extended? and until when?

They should extend her appointment until the date of the pupil’s exam and she would be paid only on the day of the exam, since she is not a member of the commission and, therefore, unable to participate in either the preliminary meeting or the ballot meeting. It would be necessary for her presence at the examination to be reflected in the document which, for this year, is set for May 30th. Obviously, it is essential for the pupil to attend the state exam, whether it takes place in person or remotely.

I am the mother of a child certified for multiple pathologies pursuant to art 3 co 3 l 104 to whom 22 hours of support have been confirmed for the second year of primary school with a tenured specialized support teacher. If the DS (who does not know the child at all) during the GLO verification of the PEI does not intend to sign the model in derogation for the renewal of the request for support with a 1: 1 ratio for unspecified management choices, despite the opinion unanimous of therapists, teachers and us family members for 22 hours (the child is not absolutely autonomous, has behavioral disorders and needs continuous mediation for his school career and has regressed significantly following the forced arrest due to COVID emergency), how should we behave to protect the child? if, as we have hinted, in September the chair were to be dismembered between several teachers, how could we request to have our teacher back entirely, who remains within the same school and who has created an effective and profitable relationship with our son?

According to current legislation, it is the GLO that expresses the request for resources for the following school year; therefore the head teacher must request the hours indicated by the working group from the USR. If he were to refuse, he would be subject to the omission of official documents. If this occurs, you can report the situation to the Ministry of Education. To ask for continuity with the same teacher, you could appeal to law n. 107/15, art. 1, paragraph 181, letter c no. 2, which establishes the right to continuity (provided that the teacher is in service, also for the next school year, in the same school).

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