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Therefore, starting from the solid foundations of our policies, skills and experiences, we work on a new, experimental, multiple response, integrated between different actors: in some cases a change of the game pattern is needed. It is largely a ‘game’ to be built, an unprecedented bet, which fully engages various municipal services and the entire city. For this reason, among the initiatives we include a Forum dedicated to young people to collect and develop further proposals and skills and, as Anci delegate for Welfare, I will propose this project of ours to the National Association of Italian Municipalities, as a possible useful reference also to other cities. A city with no relationship with young people has no future.

“Our approach – concluded the mayor – is based on building relationships, no ‘demonization’: we understand and want to value this moment, building bridges towards new generations, with a philosophy that has always been ours, that of ‘inclusion. We make the problem an opportunity, it is no coincidence that we have called this project Chance. It is a question of immersing oneself in reality and in any critical issues, establishing relationships that are an Alliance, where young people, with their families, the places closest to them, neighborhoods, parishes, the more informal culture, education, are protagonists. We go to meet them, also bringing a culture of respect for the rules, attentive to their freedom and their creative talents, which we are ready to enhance “.

“Chance is a project that takes the field with transversal youth policies to make a real call to the whole city. We do this with services that make use of skills and tools consolidated over the years, but which today need a new look, because we are faced with an educational emergency accelerated by distance learning conditions and the deprivation of free time services. – the councilor for Education and Youth Creativity Raffaella Curioni bent – With respect to education, if in 2016 we developed an educating community project with inclusive institutions, therefore with the 6-14 bracket, now we intend to do it with high schools and expand our educational pact with the city, strengthening the experience of schools open in the afternoons also in secondary schools.

“We also want to relaunch the sports yards – added the councilor – starting from informal places such as parks, where children play sports and, through the collaboration of sports associations and educational cooperatives, give these young people a chance , opportunities for personal growth “.

“The meaning of Chance’s project proposal is to try to build opportunities – said the councilor for Welfare and Budget Daniele Marchi – The pandemic is leaving us two very significant and demanding words: distance and isolation, two elements that this project seeks to achieve. overcome, following a movement that brings people together and brings them together.

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