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Prostitution is legal but unregulated, while organized activities such as exploitation and aiding and abetting are illegal

In extreme cases, according to some codes in particular of Muslim countries, prostitution is sanctioned with the “death penalty”; in other countries the diametrically opposite phenomenon occurs, as prostitutes regularly pay taxes and are unionized, for example in the Netherlands, and in these countries brothels can advertise.

The legal situation in Germany, Switzerland (where the discussion about the minimum age for prostitution is at the center of a lively clash between those who argue that the threshold should be lowered to 16 and those who argue should be kept at 18), and in New Zealand is similar to that of Holland. In the Australian state of New South Wales, anyone over the age of 18 can offer sexual services in exchange for money. In another Australian state, Victoria, a person wishing to work as a prostitute can apply for a regular license. Prostitutes who work in their own business or in other people’s businesses must be registered. Individual “sex workers” do not need any registration or license.

In some countries, the legal status of prostitution may vary according to activity: in Japan, for example, “vaginal” prostitution is against the law, while paid oral sex is legal and those who perform it do not engage in prostitution. Street prostitution is legal in Turkey, as is prostitution in government-regulated brothels. All brothels must have a license as well as female workers.

In the United Kingdom, prostitution is not formally illegal but several surrounding activities are. In England and Wales it is illegal:

A similar situation occurs in Scotland, where prostitution itself is not illegal but the associated activities. A bill establishing tolerance zones for prostitution had been promoted in the Scottish Parliament but failed to become law.

Similarly in Bulgaria prostitution itself is legal, but most of the related activities (such as pimping) are outlawed.

In Brazil and Costa Rica, self-employed prostitution is legal, but making money from other people’s prostitution is illegal. Prostitution is legal for citizens in Denmark, but it is illegal to profit from it. In this country, prostitution is not regulated as in the Netherlands, but the government tries through social interventions to get people out of it and direct them to other professions, and at the same time tries to reduce the income from criminal activities and other negative side effects deriving from it. from prostitution.

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