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..ex with whom, according to him, he had not been in for 7 months, ex he found immature, which he left after about a year because he realized that he had never been in love with her and that he had never told her I love you. She reassured me, she would untangle the situation. We kiss. We rebound. But something still goes wrong. I reprimand him severely via msg for his behavior, he disappears … Yesterday, after my insistence, he tells me that it is not a good time, that I was running too much, better stop for a moment, that his mind is not free … here comes the famous Ex! she tells me that she doesn’t know what she wants, that she takes time for him. I, I could not help but write: “I wish you the best, good luck for everything!” How stupid I am! Now I have so many doubts .. did she use me? did she just want to have fun? and above all …. IF YOU DON’T LOVE A PERSON FOR A WHOLE YEAR AND LEAVE HIM FOR THIS, HOW CAN YOU BE CONFUSED AND IN LOVE WITH IT NOW? WHAT ARE YOU ALSO KNOWING ME? and just because I know my worth, I know how many no I said to many other guys who try …. because at 30 I opened my heart to him and I’m like that ??

Hi Antonella, I believe that one of the values ​​of the space that Ilaria makes available to us is that of sharing our stories, because already putting them in black and white helps to distance ourselves a little and to assume greater awareness, to better understand ourselves and our mechanisms. Yours is a story that has many similarities with others told here but in your case I was particularly struck by the way you explain the facts, what you wanted to communicate and the words you chose to do so. Beyond the answers you will receive, it may be useful to re-read you. A greeting!

Hi Nimue, thank you for your feedback .. because you were struck by my way of having told in fact? I tried to be as objective as possible, as if I were an external spectator, but believe me … it’s not easy to find logical explanations, maybe I’m not used to these human cases. Slowly I will metabolize the thing … Meanwhile I am grateful to have found this blog, because it is helping me so much!

Hi Erica and thank you very much for your reply! I would be very happy if you would tell me the idea you got about what I experienced and described.

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