Well first of all, LTR stands for Lets Talk Relationships.

Our Vision for LTR

LTR is a Monthly seminar/talk show that will be held in the City of London United Kingdom from April 2010.


The aim of LTR is to be a fun and vibrant place where singles can come to hear sound teaching and advice in the form of a seminar, about how to be a fulfiled single as well as how to succeed in their relationships and courtships by learning the keys that make relationships work.

Talk Show

The Talk Show aspect of LTR will serve as a platform to discuss REAL relationship issues, a platform to discuss the hurts you feel as a single, a platform to discuss the challenges you are facing in your relationship, a platform where you can voice the deepest concerns of your heart openly without fear of being judged and received answers and practical solutions, as well as a platform for you to help other singles through a challenge that they are facing which you may have already gone through by sharing your advice, wisdom, and experience.

Q&A Session

The Q&A segment of LTR will allow singles to openly or annonymously ask the panel specific questions about their dating and relationhsips issues. It gives singles a chance to get wise answers and wise counsel to challenges and issues that are unique to them as a single who is either still believing God for a life partner or is already in a reltionhsip.

LTR is badly needed. There isn’t really anything out there to my knowledge that caters consistently for singles. Yes there is the occasional sermon in church or singles conference, but half the time singles can’t discuss the real issues in church because they feel they will be judged. So they put on a facade while they are secretly dealing with serious issues like loneliness, sexual tempation, heart break, depression and anxiety from being of age but not have a partner that you can look forward to marriage with, and so many other issues that singles have to deal with.

It’s high time someone address the needs of singles, it’s time for someone to care about singles, its time for someone to give singles the constant encouragement and support they need, it’s time for someone to pay attention to the singles and thats what LTR is all about.

Why A Passion For Singles

I believe in helping singles because if we can have whole singles and not broken singles, those whole singles will go on to build strong homes and not broken homes when they get married. Once we have whole singles getting married and building strong and stable homes by being loving husbands and wives and supportive parents to their children, then we can have strong and stable communities, as a result we will have strong and stable, societies and strong and stable nations. I believe that if we can help the singles, we can change the world.