Dating Tips For Women

woman in flowers

To all my Christian sisters I want you to know that you are beautiful and precious. That is why I want to offer you these dating tips for women so that you can maintain that beauty both on the inside and outside, so that the precious quality within you is not tarnished and abused by guys who do not understand your value and so that you also as a woman recognize that you are precious and beautiful and valuable and therefore wont allow any ill intentioned guy to mess you up.

Many Christian ladies need these dating tips for women because unfortunately for some ladies they have been the victim of continuous heart break from men who only wanted to use and take advantage of them. Some women need help differentiating between a potential husband and an outright dog.

Many well meaning women have found themselves deceived by sweet talking guys who in the end ended up using and abusing them. These dating tips for women are shared to help you avoid such men.

There are also Christian women who know that the relationship they are in is unhealthy but are afraid that they might not find anyone else if they let this one go. Your life is too precious for you to sacrifice years of it to someone who doesn’t value you. These dating advice for women will therefore help you build your self esteem and confidence so that you can dump that loser.

Then there are the naive sisters who easily fall prey to a guys sweet words and flattery, they allow themselves to be gullible and cannot see through his deceit and bad motives. These dating tips for women will help you become wiser so that you can outsmart the conman.

Some Christian sisters are unknowingly sending out all the wrong signals, sometimes through the way they dress or their behavior and attitude, The signals you send out will determine what kind of man you attract, some signals actually resist men and that’s why some women find that no one is approaching them. These dating tips for women will show you how to send out the right signals to attract the right guy for your life, so that you can get the attention of the king like Esther in the bible.

There are also sisters who are afraid of being alone, they just have to be with someone whether that person is good for them or not. They think they wont be happy until they have a man in their life.

There are Christian women who allow any guy into their life because they don’t want to be the only one in their group without a man, then there are also the age conscious sisters who are worried about their biological clock. The dating advice for women in this section will help you realign with Gods purpose and intention for your life so that you receive the best that God has for you and not settle for less.

Another category of Christian ladies that these dating tips for women will help are those who do not understand the value of their body. They don’t understand how precious their body is, they don’t realize that their body is a rare gem that no amount of money can buy, they don’t realize that their body is the temple of God, where God the king of glory himself is supposed to dwell. So they end up giving their precious gem cheaply to some useless guy who doesn’t know its value either. The dating advice you will find here will help you place value on your body and maintain and retain your dignity.

Finally there are the Christian sisters who don’t understand their role as a helper. So they are looking for a man who is the finished product. They don’t want to help a man fulfill his potential and help him birth his vision. They want him to already have it all so that they can reap where they haven’t sown.

The sad thing is that most women with this attitude usually end up with guys who use their material possessions to lure such women, then use and leave them. In the process such women might have missed out on a good guy just because he didn’t come in the package they wanted. These dating tips for women will show you the role a true and virtuous woman plays in the life of a real man and realign you back to the purpose for which God created women in the first place, which is to be a helper to men.