Christian teen dating age

Christian teen dating age

Christian teen dating is something that is usually frowned upon. As a teenager when I was growing up in church, the youth leaders always tried to discourage us from dating because they believed that most teenagers were not ready to date and that most of them would get up to no good when they do start dating.

The general belief is that young people are naive and are not ready for the dangers that come with dating and being emotionally attached and physically attracted to someone of the opposite sex. A lot of parents are also very concerned about their teenage children dating because of the same reasons.

So how old should a teenager be before they start dating?

Well the answer isn’t as straightforward as some people try to make it. Some people say that a Christian teen dating should be at least 18 years old. Some believe that Christian teenagers shouldn’t date at all and should wait until they are at least 21 years old before they start dating.

In reality however, the right age for Christian teenage dating all depends partly on the attitude of the parents towards dating as well as how matured the teenager is. It is not really something you can put an age to. A lot of parents are overly strict about this issue which forces the teen to date behind their parents back, this I believe leaves the teen open to more dangers since the parents are not aware of what is going on and therefore cannot give their child the right advice concerning dating.

Teenagers mature at different rates, even though girls tend to mature faster than boys. I know some teenagers who at 18 years old are nowhere near ready for dating whereas there are other 18 year olds who are ready for dating and are in fact more mature than some 25 year olds.

Maturity I believe is what determines a teenagers readiness to date not necessarily numerical age, although I personally wouldn’t encourage anyone under the age of 18 to start dating, but that’s just my personal opinion.

Whatever the case, the main thing is to be sure that you are indeed ready for the challenges that come with dating. Part of being matured is having knowledge and wisdom about both the positive and negative aspects of dating.

A Christian teen dating must not be naive and ignorant about dating. Dating is not all rosy; there are real dangers that come with entering the dating process which anyone dating should be aware of regardless of whether they are a teenager or an adult. I recommend browsing the dating advice section of the website to get more insight into these areas.