Christian Teen Dating

Teen dating

I’m giving advice on Christian teen dating because I remember that as a teenager, I made a few mistakes in this area, mistakes that I would go back and change if I could. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes so please listen to the advice I will be sharing with you on this website and do your best to put them into practice.

The teenage years are very interesting, before you become a teenager, you have no real interest in the opposite sex except maybe just as friends at school or family friends etc.

Then all of a sudden you hit your teenage years and puberty and your body begins to change, your desires towards the opposite sex also begin to change. You start becoming attracted to the opposite sex and with that attraction sometimes come other feelings. You might begin to feel like you are in love and want to express love. These things happen to us all when we are growing up and it is perfectly normal.

However, you must understand that because you are having these attractions and feelings does not mean you are ready to express them. You are not ready physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

When I was a Christian teen dating, I thought I was ready because I saw my peers dating, they were having boyfriends and girlfriends and so I felt under pressure to have a girlfriend as well. But I didn’t know all the problems that come with dating and how to deal with them.

As a Christian teen you are told in church that you shouldn’t kiss, you shouldn’t have sex before marriage and that you should live a life that pleases God. As a Christian teen dating, you might think that you’ll be okay, that you will date in a way that pleases God so there is no problem right? Wrong!

What happens when you start getting those desires to get physical and sexual with your boyfriend or girlfriend, most Christian adults dating still struggle to get it right in this area so I know it is twice as difficult for a Christian teen dating.

Even if you don’t want to displease God, can you resist the pressure from your boyfriend or girlfriend if they want to do something you know you shouldn’t do as a Christian? Are you emotionally prepared to handle the ups and downs of a relationship?

Relationships are not always easy, can you handle the heart break that will come when the relationship doesn’t work out, most teenage relationships don’t last more than a few weeks or months (even though you always think you are going to get married to the person you are dating.)

Christian teen dating is not easy, it is very complicated especially if you want to please God. You cannot do it the way your unsaved friends do it, you cannot do it the way your church friends who claim to be saved but are still messing around do it. You might find yourself in compromising situations, how will you handle them, is it even worth it putting yourself in those kinds of situations? Are you really ready to date? Can you really handle it? Have you really thought it through?

My goal is to help you get it right, I will provide you with Christian teen dating articles, tips, and advice that will help you to keep your relationship with the opposite sex godly so that you don’t end up with regrets, heartache, losing your virginity cheaply to someone who doesn’t even deserve it, and worse of all backsliding.

It is then up to you to take the advice and live a life that pleases God so that you can have a good testimony and not compromise your stand in Christ.

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