Christian Marriage Advice

Want to dedicate this section of the website to giving Christian marriage advice especially for couples who are still in the first 5 years of their marriage (newly weds). I am married after all and I have some marriage advice that I know will benefit other couples both from my pains and successes in my relationship with my wife.

The marriage advice on this section of the website will obviously benefit those who are already married but it will also be of great benefit to those who are in courtship or are engaged to be married, it will also work well as pre-marriage advice or premarital advice for those who are about to seal their love in marriage.

With the rising divorce rates and more and more couples who had dreams of living happily ever after finding themselves in divorce courts for one reason or the other (even within Christian circles), Christian marriage advice is definitely needed in order to preserve marriages and keep families together.


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There is a mindset nowadays that once people get married, it’s all downhill from there, but that isn’t at all true, yes marriage does come with its challenges but if you keep God the centre of your marriage and you make the word of God the foundation of your marriage, then you will find that your marriage will grow sweeter and sweeter.

Marriages go bad when couples lose sight of principles in Gods words that is supposed to help keep marriages together and keep marriages blissful. Principles like Unconditional love, sacrifice, forgiveness, patience, kindness etc when you make these the foundation of your marriage then your marriage will stand strong even in the midst of challenges, but when you lose sight of these principles your marriage will inevitably fail.

Make up in your mind that the word of God will be the final authority in your marriage, that’s one of the most important marriage advice I can give to anyone, not the word of friends, or the words of parents, or the words of psychologists but the word of God – because the word of God is life and if you want your marriage to continue to have life then you will have to make sure that it is founded on the word of God.

If the word of God tells husbands to love their wife as Christ loved the church (Ephesians chapter 5), then as a husband make sure you love your wife to the point that you are willing to die for her and sacrifice for her just like Christ did for the church.

If the word of God tells wives to submit to their husband (Ephesians chapter 5), then as a wife submit to your husband, don’t be contentious, be supportive and understanding and trust him and the decisions he makes.

If the word of God says that God hates adultery (Exodus 20), then make sure adultery doesn’t creep into your marriage, discipline your sexual urges and stay faithful to your spouse.

If the word of God says that God hates divorce (Malachi 2), then make up in your mind that your marriage is for better for worse, there is no jumping ship, only death will separate us, I am committed to this marriage no matter what – this has to be your attitude and mentality otherwise you will bail out at the smallest excuse.

Keep the word of God as the final authority and foundation of your marriage and I guarantee you your marriage will succeed. That is just a taster of the kind of Christian marriage advice you can expect to find in this section of the website.

The Christian marriage advice I will be sharing therefore is solely for the purpose of helping you to keep the word of God as the foundation of your marriage so that nothing can put asunder what God has joined together.