There are many Christian dating websites out there in the big wide world of the internet. Some offering dating advice while others offer you online dating services and the opportunity to meet other Christian singles online.

More and more Christian singles are turning to dating websites for relationship and dating advice and also the opportunity to meet someone who could potentially become their life partner, in fact you are probably on this website now because you were searching for information on this topic.

Even though you will find some excellent resources on this website,(in fact my vision for this website is that it will become the best resource on the internet for Christian dating advice.) The fact is that I cant deny that there are other great websites out there as well that also do a wonderful Job in providing excellent dating resources and services for Christian singles.

I will therefore be reviewing these different sites and recommending the ones that I believe will greatly assist and help you. These include both sites that give dating advice as well as sites that offer online dating services and help you meet a possible life partner online. So from time to time you can come here and check out my latest reviews and discover other sources of excellent information on Christian dating.



eHarmony finds you singles who are compatible with you by prescreening them. As a result this saves you time because you don’t have to go through profile after profile trying to find good matches, eHarmony literally does that for you and brings you the most relevant and most compatible matches (that’s what they promise anyway.) read more…

Christian Cafe

ChristianCafe is one of the most popular Christian dating websites on the web; a lot of singles have been successful in finding suitable matches with Christian Café.read more…

Soul singles

If you are looking to find a black or African American Christian mate online then you might want to consider registering your profile with blacksingles. With over a thousand registered members, is the top online dating service for black singles who are looking to find love or a potential life partner online.

Recommended Sites

Christian Dating Service PLUS!

Christian dating advice, reviews, podcasts and articles by Christian singles. We highly recommend Christian Dating Service Plus. It is a fantastic website with a great deal of articles and resources that will really bless you. Their work really compliments what we are doing here at They share the same passion we have to reach out to Christian Singles so make sure you check them out.

Christian Lyrics Database of gospel lyrics and Christian lyrics, featuring thousands of songs under gospel, praise and worship and contemporary Christian music (CCM).

Christian Dating Sites

If you are looking for Christian dating advice or if you simply want a quality dating site, look no further. We offer website reviews and have multiple dating articles to help you get underway.