Christian Dating Ideas

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Is there a shortage of Christian dating ideas? Many Christian singles are not sure about what they can and can’t do, or where they can and can’t go on a Christian date. It often seems like there is a shortage of Christian dating ideas for singles.

As Christians we obviously have tobe selective about what we do on a date without violating our Christian values. But at the same time, dating needs to be fun. The whole point of dating is for the both of you to get to know eachother in an environment where you can relax and be yourself doing something exciting and relaxing whilst having fun.

And while bible study and fellowship can be a good way to help eachother grow spiritually and can be a good way of engaging eachother in conversations as you discuss various things in the bible and share your perspectives on what the scripture means to you with eachother, I wouldn’t imagine you would want to do that on every single date. You need a balance, you need to balance the spiritual side of dating with the fun and exciting side of dating.

Christians are allowed to have fun as well you know!

So the following are 9 other Christian dating ideas, most of them are the different things my wife and I used to do when we were dating (we still do some of them even now in marriage, one of the best ways to keep marriage fun is to keep dating). Some of them might not exactly be Christian dating ideas but they are still things that are acceptable in my opinion to do on a Christian date.

Idea No 1:

Go to the movies. This is an obvious one but it still makes a very good date, especially if you both enjoy the film. I recommend comedy flicks because they are neutral. If you watch a chick flick the guy might get bored, if you watch an action film the lady might not be into it, so comedy flicks are usually a good compromise. It will make both of you laugh and relax and you will have a great time talking about the funniest part of the film afterwards. But make sure you keep your hands and mouths to yourself in that dark room (behave yourselves now! And no pop corn fights).

Idea No 2:

You can buy or rent a movie and stay indoors. This is a good option especially if money is tight. Again get a film that both of you will enjoy. I would also suggest doing this with another couple as a double date for obvious reasons. There is safety in numbers if you know what I mean.

Let’s be honest, if you are at home together (just the two of you) watching a film, sitting on the couch, the lights dimmed as you do when watching a film it creates a warm romantic atmosphere and things can happen if care isn’t taken so make sure there are other people around as your defense against temptation. A double date is a good solution for this or just have other friends come round.

Idea No 3:

One of my personal favorite Christian dating ideas is to go to a gospel concert, gospel concerts make an excellent Christian date especially when it’s an artist you both really like. It’s an excellent way to spend time together in a godly environment in an atmosphere of praise and worship while listening to uplifting music. This kind of date is especially good when you go in a group so you might want to go with other Christians couples that are dating that you know or some friends.

Idea No 4:

Go to a singles seminar or a singles conference together. This is another activity that my wife and I used to enjoy when we were dating. This is fun because you get to be around other singles and discuss real issues and challenges facing single Christians and you also get equipped with teachings that will help you in your courtship. A good Christian singles seminar or conference will also have live performances such as dance, music, and drama which will be very entertaining and spiritually uplifting as well.

Idea No 5:

The fifth of my Christian dating ideas is to play a sport together. This is another very good way to spend time together especially if you are on a budget. My wife and I used to play tennis and basketball together when we were dating. It made me realize how competitive she was!

Playing a sport together is particularly good if one of you is skilled at the sport, for example I taught my wife how to shoot free throws and how to dribble on the basketball court, it was a way for me to share my knowledge and passion for the game of basketball with her. And it really made us connect and was a good way to stay active and healthy. And it was also great fun.

Idea No 6:

Go to a nice restaurant for lunch or dinner. Again another very common dating idea. I suggest picking a restaurant that has a nice outside view, if you can, try and go to one that has a view of the ocean or river.

The good thing about restaurants is that they force you to talk. There isn’t the distraction of being involved in other activities (except maybe eating) as with the other dating ideas (I mean you can’t just sit across the table looking at eachother without saying anything.)

Restaurants are a good place to have wonderful conversations over a nice plate of food. You get to know each other’s minds. I suggest using the time to talk about your plans for the future, your goals, your dreams, what you want from the relationship and courtship etc. Then go for a walk afterwards to burn off the food overload in your stomach. A nice surprise for before or even after your date is to arrange a flower delivery to let her know she is still in your thoughts.

Idea No 7:

Another good idea for a Christian date is to go Ice skating. Again this might not exactly be classified under Christian dating ideas but it is acceptable as a Christian date. It is great fun especially if one of you can’t skate and the other can. You get to hold hands while teaching them how to skate. A perfect excuse! Plus the added fun of watching them fall over (okay that’s mean)

Idea No 8:

The eighth of my Christian dating ideas is to Play board games Like Ludo and Snakes and Ladders. When we were dating, there was a particular game my wife liked called connect four where you having to link four of your pieces in a row to win. She used to beat me every time. So I suggested we started playing computer games as well so that I could finally win something, but she still used to whop me especially on WWE smack down.

Idea No 9:

And finally Bowling. Another great dating activity, you get to laugh at eachother when your bowling pin misses the target completely and goes down the gutter, then on the one off occasion you might get a strike and get so excited that you start dancing or start jumping up and down like I used to do, it was a good way to get Faith to laugh. I used to do Carlton’s dance from fresh prince of bell air. If you’ve ever watched the Fresh Prince of Bell Air then you’ll know how funny that dance is.

Try out some of these Christian dating ideas, I’m sure they will bring a lot of fun and excitement into your relationship. Some of our best memories come from these dating ideas that I’ve shared with you.